Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Free Consultation


  • This is a time for us to relax and navigate through conversation organically as we get to know each other 
  • You will have the opportunity to share your goals, expectations, desires, concerns/worries surrounding your birth
  • Together we will explore the methods, tools, and knowledge that I have and how I will support you to achieve your goals


Who usually attends the consultation?

I highly recommend that birth partner attend. Siblings are welcome and anyone who will be a part of the birth team.

Where would the consultation take place?

You choose if we meet in-person, over the phone or computer. Common locations to meet in-person include coffee shops and book stores, or any public place where we can chat!

How long is a typical consultation?

Typically the meeting will last 30-60 minutes. However, I allow as much time as needed and often first meetings will last well over an hour.

How much does the consultation cost?


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