Birth Doula Service

Birth Doula Service

Birth Doula Service

* Note on price: $300 paid at time of hire, $350 is paid after birth. You can make a payment plan if needed, and if you need financial assistance please contact me.


Before Labor 

  • Text/call/email me with questions/concerns 24/7 
  • 2 or more prenatal visits
  • Help you prepare your mind and body (affirmations/exercises/positions) 
  • Share my knowledge and resources, help you make informed choices 
  • Learn your comfort preferences: touch, aroma, water, meditation, medication, ect.
  • Discuss expectations/roles of all who will be present at your birth
  • Support your plans for pregnancy, birth, newborn, and postpartum

During Labor

  • Early labor - communicate regularly, answer questions, offer suggestions 
  • Active labor - join you wherever you desire
  • Myself (or my backup Doula) will stay with you the entire time 
  • Attend to your emotional and physical comfort needs
  • Support your partners needs 
  • Act as a liaison between you and your birth team, reminding professionals of your goals

After the Birth

  • Continue support 1-2 hours after (during placenta delivery, repairs or until you are ready for family time)
  • I also can help you and baby establish initial breastfeeding
  • Postpartum visit to check on how you all are settling into your new family life, and to process your birth

* Policy Note: As a Doula I Cannot give you medical advice, perform clinical tasks or make decisions for you.

Areas Covered

Saint Paul, Minneapolis

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