Birth Story Photography

Birth Story Photography

Birth Story Photography

Birth Story Photography is about documenting you and your partner as you progress through labor, arrival of your baby, and your new family. There is no posing during a birth (Unless you want to!). 

Many people rely on their partner, other people in their room, or hire someone to take photographs before, during and after their birth. I will take photographs for you, this is included in my Doula service because I am in a unique role to capture your story. 

Labor can be a complete blur and while we think we will remember everything…. we just do not. In addition to supporting parents as a Doula, I have photographed the birth.

My aim is to capture your story and there are so many aspects that I can capture. For me, it’s all about the small details, and emotions, the expressions between your birth waves (contractions), and capturing your team and your birth. 

I will include the birth space, the room colors, where you labored, wide scenes of the space and close up shots of labor, capturing emotions and moods, positions, your birth, first cuddles, kisses, cry, tiny hands, skin to skin contact, the time of birth. 

I don’t use fancy equipment. I concentrate on capturing your memories at an affordable price. You get the all the digital copies.

I have examples and references.

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